School Council

School Council

Welcome to the School Council

Our year 6 school council focus on school improvement. They also focus on enrichment opportunities such as trips,discos etc. They look at parts of school life from a child’s perspective such as charity fundraising, lunchtimes, assemblies etc.

Here is what our school council have to say about themselves;

"Hello, my name is Rosie and I like dancing. I would like to make Danemill better by organising a gymnastics area for girls and suggesting more school trips like going to Pantomines."

“Hello, my name is Joel and my favourite colour is blue. I am interested in learning and doing things with my friends. I will be a great school councillor.”

“Hi, my name is Ruby and I am 10 years old. I want to make the school better!”

“Hi my name is Chloe and I really like art, dance and gymnastics. I am 10 years old and I want to help everyone to make the school better!"